began its work in 2002 by a three-member group. Today Barzin is one of the leaders in the software industry.

Barzin using international standards and the development of information technology in organizations and institutions, Tries to develop clients business. Our 10 years of experience in comprehensive financial solutions, management information systems, and software development technology, has paved the path to progress.

In recent years, Barzin consider more the quality of its products and Speed ​​up services . Since 2011 Barzin company established branches in various countries including the UK, Italy, Australia

The main activities

  • Commercial business software solutions based on the operational processes of medium and large organizations in industries, manufacturing, services and trade
  • Providing software solutions for small businesses
  • Provide specific IT solutions for organizations
  • Training, deployment and support services of software
  • Engineering services for advanced network and information security