Linux VPS Servers

Linux VPS Servers
Barzin.co provides one of the cheapest Virtual private Server solutions. Our VPS prices start from $15 per month in which you get a totally seperate virtual server to which you can SSH as root, the Cpanel/WHM is ready for these servers by your request.  You can install anything to your server like PHP applications, Custom applications, various support libraries which are not available in shared hosting. You will be in control for your server and we will provide you 24x7x365days support for it.

Server Model
VPS 200
VPS 300
VPS 400
VPS 500
Disk Space 20 GB 30 GB 80 GB 120 GB
Monthly Bandwidth   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP   2 IP  3 IP 4 IP 5 IP
Memory 640 MB 1256 MB 2512 MB 4000 MB
Hardware Firewall
Full Root Access 
Fully Managed VPS
24x7x365 Days Support
15 $ Per Month
25 $ Per Month
35 $ Per Month
45 $ Per Month


  • If you need a service not listed, please contact us.
  • If the client application software Firewall, Antivirus, Anti DDos is free to install and configure.
  • Add any specific IP, 1 $ Monthly costs