Barzin iEH

What is the iEH system


  • Wireless design for convenient installation

  • IP based design with Cloud service and mobile App

  • Capable of integrating with network video system

  • Central Monitoring Station connection

  • Report through mobile network

  • Special protection for children & elderly

  • Power, light, temp./humidity environment monitoring

  • Home automation with energy saving

  • Activity Monitoring



  • Hyper-Secure Supervised Wireless System

    • Microprocessor design + Robust coding scheme + Transmit timing control
      + Self-check mechanism Wireless = Reliability + Easy Installation
    • RSSI (Receiving Signal Strength Indication) information.
    • Multiple transmission & random delay to avoid RF collision.
    • 868/915 MHz high band RF design with less interference


  • Central Monitoring Station Connection
    • Two independent *PSTN/GSM CMS can be connected.
    • With the most popular protocol, Ademco contact ID.
    • Automatic periodic test with the CMS.
    • SIA DC-09 ADM-CID Internet protocol implemented.
    • Alarm report can go through *PSTN, mobile, or Internet.


  • GSM /GPRS Mobile Link Report

    • GSM /GPRS communication module available for wireless connection.where telephone system (PSTN) is not available.
    • Dial in control or check via GSM network.
    • Report SMS/voice alarm message to the user’s mobile phone.
    • Alarm report to CMS through GSM /GPRS network.


  • Special Protection For Children & the Elderly (PERS)

    • Inform parents when children leave or return home.
    • Water resistant Medical Button to call for help.
    • Inactivity monitoring to take care of the elderly or physically challenged.
    • Auto-answering and dial-in silent monitoring.
    • Detailed activity record in Monitor Mode.


  • Environment Monitoring Sensor Network

    • With 32 Wireless AC Meter, Light, Temperature, Humidity Sensors and Flood Detectors to warn and control when ‘high/ low’ settings are exceeded.
    • Wireless Analog transmitter for  connection to any type of  standard  0-10V or 4-20mA sensors.
    • AC power loss / restore auto report.

iEH Security Features

  • Basic Features 

    • Security & home automation.
    • Computer & Internet interface.
    • *16 x 2 LCD display.
    • 512 detailed events log.
    • 288 sensors / zones can be accommodated.
    • 9 individual zones for partial arming.
    • Special Monitoring Mode to record all the activities in protected area.
    • Scheduled operation/ switch control.
    • One touch operation/switch scene control.
    • RF signal strength indication.
    • AC power loss/ restore auto report.
    • Light, Flood, Temperature, Humidity environment monitoring.
    • Special RF coding & transmitting timing design avoid interferences
  • Advanced Feature

    • Responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical and other emergencies.
    • Burglar, Fire Zones with supervisory sensors.
    • Door and window open/close detection.
    • Selects partial arming when at home.
    • *Built-in voice dialer up to 10 phone numbers, one pager and 2 CMS data links.
    • *Hands-free speaker phone, 2-way voice communication.
    • *Dial-in control to arm, disarm, listen-in and receive event reports.
    • Hopping code with multi-million combinations.
    • Latch key function to inform parents when children arrive and leave home.
    • Inactivity monitoring for the elderly or physically challenged.
    • **Built-in siren & rechargeable back-up batteries.
    • Entry & exit delay time programmable with warning beep.

iEH Full Range of Accessories

  • Supervised burglary sensors including Magnet, PIR, Glass Break, Vibration, sensors.
  • Hopping code Remote Controller & Wireless Keypad.
  • Smoke & Gas Sensors for 24 hours fire protection.
  • Inactivity check and Wireless Medical Button.
  • Wire & Wireless Siren with strobe light.
  • Repeater to extend sensor range.
  • Light/Flood Detector
  • AC Meter Sensor 
  • Humidity, Temperature Sensor
  • Low power design, battery operation for 2-5 years with battery low detection.
  • X-10 Relay Module for home automation


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